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2020 -  (November 2020)
Get access to a niche market of 220.000 Dutch and Belgian house buyers, and shoppers in Spain!

In 2006 we started with our Dutch niche marketplace in Spain. With approx. 220,000 unique visitors and 2,7 million monthly pages views, the Dutch is the best-known and most popular marketplace under the Dutch and Flemish population, in and outside Spain. has a strong brand authority in the objected niche market. Publish your business, properties, or professional service to the biggest Dutch-speaking community in Spain.

By advertising on SpainMarkteplace, you can choose to promote your properties via our Dutch Marketplace in Spain.

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Since 2009, the popular Dutch forum about Spain with approximately 7,500 members and 120,000 followers. Since 2002 the online meeting place for all Dutch and Flemish people in Spain. Information platform, discussion place, tourist office, and outlet. Strong brand authority. The is connected with our Dutch marketplace in Spain,  Website.

MercadOnline is founded in 2010 and has 27,000 registered members and approx. 45,000 followers on Facebook. This web portal is recently updated (March 2020) to a Spanish Real Estate portal as an expansion of our 3 other niche marketplaces.
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SpainMarketplace has been online since Dec. 2018. This marketplace focuses on the Spanish real estate sector of approx. 4.8 million English-speaking ex-pats, 2nd homeowners, real estate agents, and private individuals in Spain. *For licensees available.  

2020 - is the first portal dedicated to the Spanish hostelry real estate market. This niche marketplace has recently come online. Sale and purchase of Spanish Hostelry properties like restaurants, bars, and hotels. Hostelry wholesalers and home deliveries of meals at home in Spain. * For licensees available.


New project comming soon!

Expected completion, November 2020

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