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Advertise through a Unique network of 5 niche marketplaces in Spain and abroad!

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Automatic sharing of your Ads. Reach more people with less effort!
By advertising through our market places, you can easily reach an interesting network of mainly Dutch, Flemish, and English residents and commuters (our target group) in Spain.  Your Spanish properties, products, or service are shared through our network of 5 niche marketplaces plus the popular Spanish forum. This is an automatic process. As an advertiser, you don´t have to do anything extra.

In December 2006 we launched the first Dutch niche marketplace in Spain. With approx. 370,000 monthly unique visitors and 2,7 million page views, the Dutch became the best-known marketplace under the Dutch and Flemish population, in and outside Spain (2021). The  is the online meeting place for all Dutch and Flemish people in Spain! It´s an online Information platform, discussion place, and tourist office. The Dutch with 120.000 online followers, was added to in 2009.

Latest marketplaces additions 2020/2021

2020 - is the first portal dedicated to the Spanish hostelry market. Sale, rent, and purchase of Hostelry properties like restaurants, bars, hotels, Hostelry wholesalers, and used Hostelry products.               

2021 offers a dedicated online service to connect dog lovers in, Spain, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, and other EU countries.

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