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Alora, Aparthotel for sale

!!! All in one !!! Restaurant-Bar-Hotel-House

A great opportunity to take over an entire company.

About 40 minutes from Malaga and in the vicinity of the Caminito del Rey you will find this company where you might be able to realize your Spanish dream.
The Caminito del Rey is of course THE tourist attraction of Andalusia. After its reopening in 2015, this beautiful hiking trail and nature reserve will attract about 1000 visitors a day. Partly due to the planned extensions of this beautiful footpath, it will become even more so. For this reason, starting a hotel/bar/restaurant in this area is of course a wonderful investment.

The complex consists of a spacious restaurant with about 120 seats, terrace with 40 seats, very spacious complete catering kitchen. Above the restaurant is a private living area with no less than 3 bedrooms, bathroom and a living room and spacious roof terrace. Next to this object are 6 small bungalows, and a swimming pool of 5x10 meters.

The six bungalows are placed in one line next to the swimming pool and have a private terrace which creates an idyllic atmosphere. The first bungalow is a bit larger and ideal to turn it into a small apartment. It has a sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and small kitchenette. The other five are the same and are perfect for renting out as studios. These are somewhat smaller in size and have a bathroom. The bungalows will need some modernization but the basics are present and with little resources they are suitable for renting out according to the needs of our time. All bungalows have their own power cabinet.

When we walk past the bungalows we enter the garden. This plot of 848 m2 is fully fenced and has several fruit trees such as lemons, oranges and khaki. The flat terrain, which now also houses a chicken coop, is perfect for creating our own vegetable garden, which of course is a welcome addition to the restaurant.
Walking back we pass the swimming pool, this spacious swimming pool of 100m2 has a legally required lockable fence which of course benefits the safety. In addition to the paved terrace with space for sunbeds, guests can also choose to make use of the sunbathing area next to the pool.

When we walk further we pass a large steel door that gives access to the storage room of the restaurant. This can also be reached through the kitchen. Then we come back to the front of the restaurant. The restaurant has 4 different rooms for guests.
- Terrace
- Bar
- Side restaurant
- Restaurant near Kitchen.

The terrace is spacious, with space for 10 tables. The shade cloths provide a nice seat under the warm Andalusian sun. There are also toilets.
Upon entering we first come out at the bar. This is very complete with espresso machine, refrigerators and sink with water connection. There are also 3 tables and in the corner is a cozy wood stove.
Through the bar we have access to the 'side restaurant'. This space has many sliding windows which provides a beautiful view and lots of light. This part is also accessible from outside with a private entrance. This part of the restaurant now offers space for 12 tables. The two large air conditioners, which can provide both hot and cold air, ensure a pleasant temperature in both summer and winter.
When we walk to the other part of the restaurant it is immediately clear what makes this space so special. A huge window which gives you a view from the whole part of the restaurant into the kitchen. This 'open' kitchen is an atmospheric and progressive element to give the guests a peek in the kitchen.
The spacious kitchen is equipped with all the appliances you would expect in a catering kitchen. Workbenches, fridge-freezer oven with gas burners and various baking trays. Separate from this kitchen is a sink kitchen and a large walk-in fridge-freezer. From this part you have access to the enclosed patio with lockable spacious garages/storage space.

Above the restaurant is another spacious house with private entrance accessible from the outside. At the moment this is rented out but can be ideal as a living area for yourself. This space has no less than 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. But of course we must not forget the spacious roof terrace. In short, a very complete house.

Plot: 3331m2

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