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Get started with a ready-made online concept.

Become license holder # no start-up investment required.

Start your own (niche) market place on a license basis under attractive conditions, a team of specialists are ready to help. Managing your own marketplace is a fun and creative activity and also very interesting financially. Depending on the success you create and with which you enter the market, we offer all the technical tools to help you as a license holder. We do not offer a paid job. We offer enterprising people an interesting challenge to enter a new market with a ready-made concept that has proven itself for years.

What shoulda licensee have?

Knowledge and experience with social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Creative team thinking in business models and applications. Knowledge of content marketing and strategy. Basic experience with back-office systems in general and data management (customers and order processing). The target group is the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Other (EU) countries are also an option. The license holder must have a permanent residence or business address. Connection to fast internet.

Licensee receives:

A ready-made business model (marketplace). Advanced and user-friendly English back-office including connection to all common online payment systems. The BackOffice and operational implementation of the concept can be managed by one person. This keeps the operational costs for licensee(s) low. Detailed project description including license costs will be sent on request. Low break-even point. Future proof. Our projects have been running in various markets since 2006 and we are now making our successful concept accessible to other entrepreneurs and start-ups.


With this ready-to-use Business model we offer a business challenge for start-ups, companies, and/or people with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. 


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