Houses Finca for sale advertisement 40398

Living space310m2

For sale by owner a finca with 2 houses and two apartments

For sale by owner, property 4600 m² land consists of two single family homes and two apartments with all together seven bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4 kitchens, 4 living rooms and 6 terraces. The two houses as well as the two apartments are connected to municipal water and there is a well on the premises of the finca. The property is ideal for extended families and/or also suitable for renting out to holiday guests. The estate has not financially burdened and has no mortgages payable. All properties have a building permission and are registered. The purchase price for this property is 870.000 euro. You have Questions? You need more Information? You want more Photos? Please contact the owner.


Region: Málaga
Ad number: 40398