Investors - Tinberdog.com is booming! 

The number of households owning one pet animal has increased. Consumers have been spending more and more on their pets. Europe and North America were the leading regions in the production of pet articles globally. Our goal is to grow our Tinberdog community through social media, webshop, and website. The Tinberdog.com (and Tinderdog) projects are placed in a holding company, SPAINMARKETPLACE, SL which is founded in early 2018. Our online history goes back to 2006 when we launched our first Dutch marketplace for the Dutch and Flaming's second house owners, residents, and commuters in Spain.  All assets and software source codes are our property. A Pitch deck with company information, forecast, ROI is available for investors.

Shares issue.
In order to adequately respond to the emerging market of our online dog community, SPAINMARKETPLACE SL, a holding company is looking for investor(s).

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Expand your market! Run a marketplace under license.
With a group of certified Microsoft developers, since 2006 we are developing, and exploiting marketplaces. See our network of marketplaces.  For enterprising people and small companies, we offer to run their own local marketplace on a License basis. See the shared marketplaces network.
Hosting, software maintenance, and updates are included. Stripe and Paypal checkout are built-in. Webshop application built-in for business advertisers. Various earning models such as affordable subscriptions, promotions, etc. are available. Smarterstats Pro monitoring, and routed through Cloudflare the reliable network.  All marketplaces run on an advanced, and stable Unicode builds .NET (Microsoft) software environment (Build in English). Responsive design. On the front-end, almost every language or design adjustment is possible.  Characteristics of the software are that it is user-friendly, with low operational costs with wide deployability. Software info paper (PDF) is available.
2021 - SpainMarketplace.com

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