2021 - Marketplaces is looking for young talent:

Marketplaces is looking for a young Ads Content strategist with experience:

Working with BackOffice systems.
Development of Ads Content strategy.
Familiar with social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.
Knowledge of AdWords, AdSense.
Knowledge of Office.

Languages: Spanish and English.
Permanent residence preferably in the Malaga - Marbella region.

Location. From home.
Working hours: First 6 months. Monday T/m Friday.
In the case of proven suitability. Full-time job.
2 months probation period.

We offer:
Salary: Based on Northern European values.
Autonomous individuals may also apply for this vacancy.

Please contact us via the message form.
A CV is required for an assessment.

For Ads content supplier(s).

Expand your market.

January 2021 both web marketplaces, MercadOnline.es and SpainMarketplace.com will be completely redesigned and available for loading scripts with the latest third party Ads content, or on an exclusive basis! Positioning of your content, fixed on the Home pages.

Two new niche marketplaces are going to be added to our network. Tinberdog.com Dec. 2020, and a German marketplace is planned to go online on Feb. 2021. With an expected organic growth to increase by 40% in 2021.   

Benefits for the Ads content supplier.

-Expansion of your target group.

-Increases the indexing of the supplier's website.
-Fixed position of supplier Ads content (slider model), on the Home pages.

-Approx. 45.000 followers on MercadOnline/Facebook.
- Connection to and interact with our network of marketplaces, including the popular Dutch marketplace spanjemarktplaats.nl, and SpanjeForum.nl.
- Including a row (slider) of supplier advertisements, on spanjemarktplaats.nl
-Expansion by approx. 300,000 visitors per month, with an expected 40% increase -
  in organic growth for 2021 due to expansion by 2 new marketplaces.
-Reference link to the supplier website in the footers of both marketplaces.

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Run your own marketplace under license.
Since 2006, together with a group of certified Microsoft developers, we have been developing and operating marketplaces in Europe., see our red of marketplaces. For enterprising people and small companies, we offer to run their own local marketplace on a License basis. There is no investment needed.

Hosting, software maintenance and updates are included. Stripe and Paypal checkout, and webshop application built-in. Various earning models such as subscriptions, promotions, etc. are available. Smarterstats Pro monitoring.  All marketplaces run on an advanced, and robust Unicode builds .NET (Microsoft) software environment (set up in English). Responsive design. On the front-end, almost every language is possible.  Characteristics of the software are that it is user-friendly, low operational costs with wide deployability. Software info paper is available.
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