Marketplaces busca empleados jóvenes de entre 17 y 25 años con un máster en marketing digital:

Marketplaces are looking for a young Ads Content strategist/digital marketeer between 17 and 25-year-old with academic or university background (Spanish/English):

Work with BackOffice systems (English).

Developing Ads Content strategy marketing campaign.

Familiar with social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Basic knowledge of AdWords, AdSense.

Knowledge of Office.

Languages Spanish and English.

Permanent residence preferably in the Malaga - Marbella region.

Location. From home.

Working hours: First 6 months. Monday to Friday, half-day basis.

Probationary period 2 months.

We offer:

Excellent salary.

Please send us your CV via; support.es[ad]spainmarketplace.com

Without experience, there is no point in responding

Run a marketplace under license.
Are you interested in starting your own marketplace? We offer small companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups interesting ready-made marketplace models, for every market need and in the most common languages. No investment needed!
Hosting, software maintenance and updates are included. Stripe and Paypal checkout, and webshop application built-in. Various earning models such as subscriptions, promotions, etc. are available. Smarterstats Pro monitoring.  All marketplaces run on an advanced, and robust Unicode ASP.NET (Microsoft) software environment (set up in English). Responsive design. On the front-end, almost every language is possible.  Characteristics of the software are that it is user-friendly, low operational costs with wide deployability. Software info paper we have available.

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