Business account

20% of sellers advertising with us, also sell their property, through the buyers generated, through our Dutch marketplace equivalent who is running since 2006 in Spain.

Activate your Business account in 2 steps.

Publish up to 150 properties,  subscription fee 59€ a month.
Pay 3 months in advance and receive 1 month extra for free.  25% discount.


Business account highlights.
- Your properties are arranged together on your business company page(s).
- Company page with wide header and your company logo.
- Quickly Add. Place multiple properties in a row and publish them in one go.  
- SEO. Free article about your company in our BLOG with backlink to your Real Estate. 
- You Real Estate business forwarded to our Dutch marketplace in Spain.
Save Time And Money!

Although the process is simple, we are also prepared, in this initial phase, to setup your account and page, and assist you to put your first 5 homes on the site by our support team.

How to start.
Indicate us the properties that you want to promote. We set up the Business page for you, including header and your company logo without extra cost.


XML Feeds.
SpainMarketplace makes the difference.
XML feed up to a maximum of 300 properties
Includes. Your business forwarded (as long your campaign runs) to our Dutch marketplace

Set up fee €99,00 - Subscription fee (4 months) €236,00

About our Dutch marketplace in Spain., market leader since 2006 offers homes seekers access to a target group of approx. 220,000 Dutch and Belgian visitors plus a larger number of commuters. Advertising via SpainMarketplace guarantees Real estate agents new clients. Thousands of Dutch and Flemish people are looking daily through the Dutch marketplace in Spain for properties.

2006 - 2019 Spain Marketplace Real Estate